How 'On review' Works

In this article, we’re going to discussing the ‘On review’ feature, how it works and how you can use it effectively in your business.

The ‘On review’ feature allows you to match participants with hosts for a review period.

A participant can be put ‘On review’ by admins. Hosts can also do it directly inside their host portal if you have given them the right permissions.

Putting a participant ‘On review’ as an Admin 👩‍💻

As an admin, you can put a participant on review with any host that is inside your Hanover.

This is useful for your team to know which hosts are currently reviewing each participant inside or outside of the Hanover system.

To put a participant ‘On review’ with a host;

  • Navigate to the participant

  • Scroll down to the ‘Placement’ panel and hit the + icon

  • Set the ‘Status’ to ‘On review’ and select a host

  • Choose when you’d like the review period to expire

  • Click ‘Create Placement’

  • Success 🚀

To put multiple participants ‘On review’ with a host at the same time;

  • Click ‘Participants’ --> ‘All Participants’ on the main menu

  • Select the participants you’d like to put on review using the tick box next to their details

  • Click the ‘Application Actions’ dropdown and select ‘Add to Review’

  • Select the host you want the participants to be on review with

  • Choose when you’d like the review period to expire for all participants

  • Click ‘Save’

  • Success 🚀

Putting a participant ‘On review’ as a host 🏢

If you’ve given individuals at your hosts the ability to sign into the host portal, they can head to the ‘On review’ section and see all of the participants you’ve put on review with them.

With the right permissions, host users can also use the search function to find participants and put them on review themselves directly.